Construction Debris — Your Waste Storage And Pickup Plan

Posted on: 12 June 2023

Roll-off dumpster rentals will help you keep your worksites clean and safe. Use the following tips to implement a consistent waste storage and pickup plan.

Material Types

First, assess the types of materials that are disposed of on a recurring basis. Roll-off dumpsters are equipped to hold shingles, gravel, organic materials, and industrial waste.

Using one dumpster for each type of waste material will keep the waste materials organized. It will also get you and your workers in the habit of separating materials before they are going to be disposed of.

The separation process may prevent salvageable materials from being disposed of.

Set up a staging area that can be used to sort through waste materials. Then, designate one dumpster for each of the materials that you and your crew will be disposing of.

The Schedule

Your dumpster provider can be scheduled to empty all of the dumpsters at the same time. If the dumpsters fill up at different rates, you can request that one or more of the dumpsters is emptied more frequently than the others.

To determine what type of pickup schedule is needed, keep a close eye on how much waste materials are generated at each of your worksites. Then, use this information to help you pinpoint how frequently you will need each of the dumpsters emptied.

Schedule pickups online or call the dumpster rental company directly to schedule a day and time to have each of the dumpsters emptied.

The Cleanliness Of The Disposal Area

Keep the area around the dumpsters clean and orderly. Use a hose to rinse off the pavement that is next to each waste receptacle. Use biodegradable liners to keep the inside of each dumpster clean and dry.

If you often dispose of construction materials that are wet or dirty, the use of liners will prevent water accumulation or stain formations from hindering the performance of each dumpster.


If your workload increases, you may need to upgrade the size of a dumpster or the actual number of dumpsters that you have in your possession. Review the dumpster types that are available to rent. Choose a dumpster product that will meet your waste disposal needs.

Transport Services

Contact the rental company whenever you are going to be moving your construction crew to a new worksite. A representative of the dumpster rental business will schedule a time to have your rental dumpsters picked up and transported to the new worksite. 

Contact a local roll-off dumpster rental service to learn more.


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