Tips On The Placement Of Portable Toilets

Posted on: 23 January 2023

While renting a portable toilet is convenient and affordable, the challenge lies in the proper placement of the toilet. No one wants to cross muddy terrain to access a porta-potty. Also, you don't want service trucks stuck when accessing the toilets. You should balance your customer's wishes and guests' expectations. Here are some pointers on the best placement of portable toilets.

Legal Considerations

You should obtain a permit if you plan on using portable toilets for your event. The permit provides details of what is allowed and all restrictions. For example, you cannot place a porta potty on sidewalks. Furthermore, the permit outlines the distance your portable toilet should be from specified areas.

Additionally, your portable toilets shouldn't block emergency equipment or fire hydrants. The units should also comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means you should provide sufficient handicap-accessible toilets.

Choose Level Ground

You should place portable toilets on level ground. Otherwise, there is a risk of toilet occupants tipping over and getting injured. When searching for a level ground, consult the event planner for ideas. Measure the ground to ensure it is level.

Shelter From Wind

Strong winds can cause your toilet to tip over. This situation can cause severe injuries to the toilet occupant and anyone nearby. To avoid this, check the forecast on the event day to learn about the expected weather conditions.

One way to guard against strong winds is by placing the toilet against a wall or fence. A strong structure can also be a barrier against the elements. Additionally, you can ask the event technicians to stake the event's facilities to act as a barrier from the wind.

Consider Accessibility

You should place portable toilets in an area that guests can easily access. They should also be in a convenient spot so they can be easily serviced. If experts cannot move their vehicles in to service the toilets, this can be a huge problem. Therefore, consider the path for these service trucks when choosing a location. For easy access by guests, place the toilets near entrances and exits. However, be careful not to block walkways.

Dry Ground

Rain can quickly turn an area into a muddy mess. This can make access to a porta-potty difficult. Furthermore, units will get dirtier and so cleaning them will take longer. Ensure the toilets are on dry ground. Also, avoid unpaved or low ground.

When renting a porta potty, the price and type of toilet aren't the only significant concerns. You need to consider the best location for these toilets. Also, think about how to clean and maintain the toilets during your event. 

For more info about porta potty rentals, contact a local company. 


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