4 Useful Tips To Help You Avoid Toilet Backup Troubles

Posted on: 15 July 2022

Most homeowners are afraid of dealing with plumbing issues. Toilet clogs and backups are a nightmare to most of them. Of course, no one wants to handle spewed raw sewage after a backup. If you wonder what you can do to minimize the severity of toilet backups when they happen or catch you unawares, this piece is specially written for you. Here are some tips to help you minimize trouble during toilet backup services.

1. Adjust the Functions of Your Low-Flow Toilet

Despite trying to reduce water bills and water wastage, low-flow toilets are known to clog up easily due to low water pressure. Most modern homes have this kind of toilet, which is more vulnerable to backups. You can still enjoy the benefits of a low-flow toilet without experiencing frequent toilet backups.

Ask the specialists to adjust the amount of water the facility can flush alongside the waste. The expert will adjust the fill valve to increase water pressure and use calculated amounts of water, just enough to flush the waste effectively. This can help you reduce the frequency of toilet backup repairs.

2. Teach Your Kids to Use Toilets Appropriately

Children cause many backup cases since they flush toys and other materials down the drains. Unfortunately, they probably do so because they don't know any better. However, as a parent and homeowner, you have to teach children about what goes down the toilet and what doesn't.

An expert might guide you if you aren't sure about what they need to know. Interact with the septic system specialist during repairs to learn more about toilet care. This might help you prevent a lot of trouble in the future.

3. Inspect Your Toilet's Inner Functions Regularly

Some toilet backups are caused by things beyond your control. For instance, tree roots could clog your sewer lines, reducing your toilet's efficiency. Consider calling the specialist for routine inspections to determine the inner condition of your toilet and sewer system. Modern technologies like sewer cameras make inspection cost-effective and less invasive. Inspections allow you to catch signs of backups early and rectify them.

4. Use a Plunger for Minor Clogs

If a toilet backup gets you unawares, you could use a plunger to manage the situation. However, even if the hack solves the problem, it's important to call the professionals. Plumbers offer lasting solutions. Ask for help whenever you see signs such as unusual levels of water in the toilet bowl. Your plumber will respond quickly and offer a lasting toilet backup solution.

The best way to prevent toilet backup issues is through routine maintenance and appropriate use of the toilet. Remember to call the specialists for help if you suspect signs of an impending toilet backup.

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