4 Indications Your Septic Tank Needs Cleaning

Posted on: 28 November 2017

One of the things you may need to do at some point is schedule time to have your septic tank cleaned. This may not be high on your agenda list until you begin to see some warning signs. It's important to do what you can to eliminate these and help your septic system last as long as possible. Knowing some of the indications that you may need to get this done can be helpful.

Foul smell

If you walk out the door and smell a bad odor all the sudden, this could mean you need to check your septic tank. It's possible that this item has overflowed and this can result in a less than pleasant smell.

Pooling water 

One of the things you may notice in either your front or backyard are puddles of water. You may be confused about the cause of these if you have had any rain in your area for some time.

This situation could be due to your septic tank being too full, and it may need to be cleaned by a professional to alleviate this situation.

Clogged sinks

If you notice your bathroom or kitchen sink draining slower that usual, this could be due to a full septic tank. You may first begin to notice this when it takes a long time for either of these sinks to drain.

Using a draining solution may be helpful, but it's likely you will eventually have to get your tank cleaned to get the most desirable results possible.

Sewer backing up

One of the highest indications your need to get your tank cleaned is due to the sewer backing up in your home.  You may see the wastewater start to backup in your sink and this is a health hazard.

You will want to address this issue right away because not doing so could lead to illnesses and allowing you to feel less than comfortable in your home. 

Taking time to do all you can to make your life easier will undoubtedly begin with ensuring your septic tank is working as it should. You may need to do some routine maintenance to help make certain that you have far fewer problems over the years. Knowing what to expect ahead of time in this situation can be helpful to you. Be sure to work closely with a sanitation professional in your area, such as from Mr Bob, to assist you if necessary.  


Restoring Order at Your Home

A few months ago, I visited my parents’ lovely farmhouse for the weekend. On Sunday morning, everyone experienced chaos when my parents’ septic tank backed up. While I was taking a morning shower, I started hearing a gurgling sound. Immediately, I knew what was happening. I quickly finished my shower and informed my dad of the problem. Because it was Sunday, he couldn’t contact professional help until the next day. Thankfully, he was able to fix the problem temporarily. On this blog, you will discover various ways to temporarily solve a sanitation issue while you are waiting for experienced experts to get to your home. Enjoy!


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