3 Tips For Getting Through A Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: 27 July 2017

Remodeling your bathroom will add value to your home and can also transform a dated, cramped bathroom into something that makes your home feel like a spa or luxury hotel. Unfortunately, when you only have one bathroom, a bathroom remodel will temporarily make your life much less convenient. Here are a few practical tips for getting through a bathroom remodel with as little stress as possible:

Pay for a Portable Toilet Delivery

Even if you plan to be away a lot during the bathroom remodel, a portable toilet is a necessity. If you spend the night at home, you will be very grateful you don't have to drive somewhere at night just to use the bathroom. When you stop by during the day to check on the remodel, you will be able to use the portable toilet as needed, and so will the contractors who are spending all day working at your home. Today's portable toilets are sanitary, clean, comfortable, and can be dropped off and picked up at your convenience. To find one that fits your needs, visit sites like http://www.roadrunnerwastenm.com.

Be Clear on a Timeline Before Work Starts

When hiring a contracting team, be sure to clarify how long the project will take and what their schedule and timeline will be like. Emphasize that this is your only bathroom, and that while you want the work to be high quality, you would also like the project completed in a timely fashion. Since you only have one bathroom, it's a good idea to budget a bit more for a larger team of workers. If only one or two people are working on your remodel project, they won't be able to multitask or work as quickly as a larger team. 

Plan Ahead for Showers

If you belong to a gym or rec center with showers, this is a great solution while your bathroom is being remodeled. If not, ask a close friend or family member who lives nearby if you can shower at their home during the remodel project. Be sure to clarify which times are convenient for them, perhaps offering to shower at night so their family will have access to their bathrooms while getting ready in the morning. With a little creativity and help from products like baby wipes and dry shampoo, you may find you can get away with showering every other day.

Following these tips will make your life easier during the bathroom remodel and help ensure you get to enjoy your beautiful new bathroom as soon as possible.


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