The Benefits Of Hydrovac Excavation

Posted on: 8 December 2015

Hydrovac excavation is an alternative form of excavation that uses high pressure water and a series of vacuums to dig holes and remove the dirt. Because of its distinct method of excavation, hydrovac carries with it a number of unique benefits that make it ideal for a number of different projects, including digging sewage lines, wells, and septic tank pits. Understanding the advantages of hydrovac excavation can help you decide whether or not it is the right fit for your project.

Advantages of Hydrovac Excavation

  • Safety: Hydrovac excavation eliminates the risk of cutting a power, phone, or gas line with a backhoe or shovel blade, as the water is sprayed at a pressure that is strong enough to remove dirt but not strong enough to cut through cables and pipes. This is especially important when working in residential areas, and eliminates costly fines and long delays that are usually associated with damaging such utilities. Furthermore, as no physical labor is undergone while using hydrovac excavation, there is no risk of injury or accident among workers, improving overall workplace safety.
  • Accuracy: Unlike using a backhoe or a shovel, hydrovac excavation can be precisely targeted to a specific area, and the size of the excavation exactly plotted. This allows for greater accuracy, eliminating the risk of wasted time due to backfilling due to human error. This improves the overall timeline of the project in question, and helps keep the job site neat.
  • All Weather: Hydrovac will work even when there is a frost in the ground, something that would usually render most manual labor ineffective or much more labor intensive. This is ideal for projects in cooler climates or in the fall months, and helps reduce the amount of risk that your workers are exposed to.
  • Efficient Waste Removal: The dirt that is excavated from hydrovac digging is simply removed with a large vacuum, where it is deposited in a large holding tank for later disposal. This process of removing the waste and excess dirt from the project site greatly expedites the project, as less time has to be spent cleaning up the removed dirt.
  • Speed: Hydrovac excavation is much quicker than any other type of excavation, as holes are simply blasted into the earth at a rapid rate. This helps reduce overall project costs by streamlining the process, allowing digging tasks to be completed rapidly and other construction jobs to become the priority. 

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