3 Ways To Keep Your Septic Tank In Working Order

Posted on: 26 May 2015

Making sure that you maintain your septic tank is absolutely vital when it comes to keeping the septic system in good working order. Overlooking septic tank maintenance can end up costing you quite a lot of money when you consider the clean up expenses and the cost of a replacement tank, particularly if the tank overflows. Utilizing enzymes, septic-safe products, and a septic tank cleaning service are all vital when it comes to keeping your tank operational.


One of the easiest ways to keep your tank from becoming damaged is to keep it from overflowing. This can be achieved by making sure that the waste in the tank is broken down as quickly as possible. You can achieve this by flushing enzyme solutions or pouring them down a drain.

The reason that you will want to pour enzymes down the drain is so that they can replenish the beneficial bacteria that live in the tank and break down the waste. This is important because certain types of chemicals and excessive water going down your drains can kill or wash away those bacteria, leading to a increased chance of your tank backing up.

Septic-Safe Products

Another easy way to keep your septic tank operational is to make sure that everything that you put down your drains is septic-safe. A septic-safe product is typically designed to break down much faster than their traditional counterparts, making a backup much less likely. For example, septic-safe toilet paper will break down in a fraction of the time that traditional toilet paper needs. 

Septic-safe cat litter is also a good idea. The reason for this is that many traditional cat litters are designed to clump on contact with liquid, which can result in a clogged pipe. The septic-safe litter will not clump and will break down quite quickly once it is in the tank.

Tank Cleaning

Finally, you will want to hire a septic tank cleaning service to empty your tank on a regular basis. This is important because most septic tanks have no way of letting you know that the tank is full. In most cases, you will not notice a problem until the drains back up or your yard is flooded with waste, at which point it is already too late to avoid costly repairs and cleanup.

On average, you will want to have the tank emptied every three years. If you have and used a garbage disposal, you will need to pump your tank every year.

Speak to a septic cleaning service (such as Triple P Sanitation 1998 Ltd hydro vac) in order to discuss methods for keeping your tank operational. By cleaning the septic tank, using septic-safe items, and utilizing enzymes to replenish the bacteria you can ensure that your septic tank will last for quite some time.


Restoring Order at Your Home

A few months ago, I visited my parents’ lovely farmhouse for the weekend. On Sunday morning, everyone experienced chaos when my parents’ septic tank backed up. While I was taking a morning shower, I started hearing a gurgling sound. Immediately, I knew what was happening. I quickly finished my shower and informed my dad of the problem. Because it was Sunday, he couldn’t contact professional help until the next day. Thankfully, he was able to fix the problem temporarily. On this blog, you will discover various ways to temporarily solve a sanitation issue while you are waiting for experienced experts to get to your home. Enjoy!

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